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STAND UP AMERICA - A Grassroots Bible Study to Restore Righteousness to the Land
- includes chapters on:
  1. How the hand of God and Judeo-Christian principles established the foundation of America from the Mayflower Compact through the U.S. Constitution
  2. How Christianity paved the way for self-government in America
  3. The Covenantal relationship between the colonial forefathers and God and how the Covenantal promises passed across generations.
  4. The cultural changes we see today, the trend toward one-world government and its impact upon America's Republic
  5. Apostolic Revival and restoration of the people
  6. The sacred rights and responsibilities of the people
  7. The liberating power of Biblical confrontation and how speaking the truth heals offenses, restores righteousness, and empowers the governed to stand up for Judeo-Christian principles in America.
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The closing chapter is on America as a "city set upon a hill," the vision for America spoken into existence by John Winthrop 375 years ago, passed down to succeeding generations of Americans and reaffirmed in the 21st Century by President Ronald Reagan. A summary is given in the concluding chapter as to a course Christians can pursue to restore America's purpose and original vision. The book, containing numerous quotations from the Founding Fathers and democratic theorists in the founding of America, can also be used as a group bible study tool.

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